Uncovering the Meaning Behind Jiva Animation’s Logo

Jiva Animation is an anime studio located in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, that focuses on providing 2D animation compositing and editing services.

The philosophy of Studio Jiva Animation is “creating animations that touch hearts and inspire the world”. Studio Jiva Animation believes that animation is not just a moving picture, but can provide a deep emotional experience to the audience. Animation can convey moral messages, show the beauty of nature, demonstrate the wonders of the fantasy world, and stir the emotions and imagination of those who watch it.

The word Jiva means “soul” in Sanskrit. The name was chosen to symbolize the tireless ambition of creating animated works that can bring the soul and spirit to life in Indonesia.

Established in May 2023, Jiva Animation continues to strive to realize its vision and mission, which is to create animations that are meaningful and inspiring to many people around the world. With Jiva’s commitment to continue to grow and present the best works, Jiva hopes to continue to play an important role in the Indonesian animation industry.


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