After Six Years in Japan, Aswin Nur Cahya Returns to Indonesia and Establishes an Anime Studio

Aswin Nur Cahya is an Indonesian anime compositor who has migrated to Japan for 6 years. He was involved in creating visual effects for popular anime, such as Tokyo Revengers, Digimon Ghost Game, Dragon Ball Super Hero, and others2. However, he was not satisfied with just being a behind-the-scenes worker. He had a dream to direct his own Indonesian-produced anime.

To realize his dream, Aswin decided to return to his homeland and established a 2D animation studio called Jiva Animation in May 2023. The studio is located in Malang City, East Java, and focuses on providing 2D animation compositing and editing services.

Aswin has an educational background that supports his career in animation. He graduated from SMKN 2 Jepara and studied animation although he was not initially interested in Japanese anime. He then continued his D3 Japanese Literature studies at Diponegoro University, Semarang. On the way, Aswin became interested in learning anime and looked for ways to learn it in Japan. Aswin finally joined a program from LPK (Job Training Institute) in Yogyakarta and was able to enter Japan in October 2016.
In Japan, Aswin attended language school for a year and a half at Nippon Academy in Gunma City. After that, he continued his studies at the JAM Nihon Anime Manga Senmon Gakko Anime School in Niigata for two years. There he learned how to create visual effects for anime using software such as After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and others2.

After graduating from anime school, Aswin worked as a compositor at Color and Smile animation studio for three years. He gained valuable experience and the opportunity to collaborate with professional animators from Japan.
Aswin admits that the biggest challenge he faced was adapting to the work culture and quality standards in Japan. He had to work hard and meticulously to meet the expectations of clients and superiors. He also had to learn many new things and continue to hone his skills.

However, Aswin did not give up on these challenges. Instead, he was motivated to keep growing and innovating. He also has a vision to develop the animation industry in Indonesia by adopting the standards of the Japanese animation sector in Indonesia. He wants to prove that Indonesia has great potential to become a 2D animation producer with the same quality of procedures and results as Japan.

For this reason, Aswin established Jiva Animation as a platform for Indonesian animators who want to learn and work in the field of 2D animation. He also wants to open opportunities for Indonesian animators to work with Japanese animation studios and gain international experience. In addition, he also wants to create original animated works that tell stories about Indonesia and its culture.


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